An investigation is underway with regards to a case of alleged fraud whereby a group of men are posing as businessmen and traders issuing dishonoured cheques for the supply of goods.

A report was received early this month whereby a trade was organized via Viber for the purchase of tyres to be delivered to Navua.

The suspects who would trade under the guise of well-known companies would then pose as homeowners of a house up for rent where they would have the goods delivered.

The first report received involved the exchange of more than $16,000.

Once the supplier would enquire with the respective bank for payment, they would be advised that the cheque numbers did not correlate with their records.

By the time that they would return to the place of delivery, the home would be empty.

Investigators have managed to recover the stolen tyres as they were re-sold to other unsuspected buyers.

Investigators have tracked down other similar transactions made to the Western Division. 

Investigations continue.

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