Officers from the Sexual Offence, Drug and Cyber Crime Unit were given the opportunity to participate at the Ministry of Education’s Training of the Trainers Workshop for more than 40 Assistant Head Teachers and Assistant Principals within the Suva area.

Sexual Offence Unit’s Sergeant (SGT) Vika Marama while delivering her presentation said the Fiji Police is concerned with the recent number of sexual related crimes such as Rape, Defilement, Abduction, Indecent Assault, Annoying a person and even sexual assault that children and youth were involved in.

The training of trainer’s workshop is aimed at empowering the school heads with skills and knowledge in identifying disciplinary issues and social problems faced by their students.

One of the issues that has been linked to the behavioral changes of children was the influence of traditional and non-traditional forms of media.

She said it was noted that most children while given the chance to access internet at home or in school due to their school related activity would tend to switch to other websites which were not suitable for their age groups, which is why monitoring was vital.

The Fiji Police Force through its Community Policing Program has been stepping up on school outreach programs and the Commissioner of Police has directed a review of the current strategies adopted by officers when conducting awareness in schools.

While the Training of the Trainers Workshop is targeting the school heads, it is also an opportunity to learn from the teachers in how best to effectively achieve the shared vision of empowering students with the knowledge they need to keep themselves from falling on the wrong side of the law.

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