Commissioner of Police, Brigadier – General Sitiveni Qiliho have directed and will personally oversee an investigation of a case of alleged police brutality.
It is alleged that police officers have seriously harmed a suspect of crime who was brought in for questioning at the Navua Police Station earlier this week.
Commissioner of Police, Brigadier – General Sitiveni Qiliho have directed the Director of Internal Affairs to conduct a investigation and to determine the extent of the involvement of police officer(s), who the victim is claiming had arrested him from his home in Navua and during the questioning process had poured hot water on him whereby he sustained burns.

Qiliho said that this alleged act if found to be true is unacceptable and deplorable, and will not allow any member of the Fiji Police Force to think that he or she is above the law.

The Commissioner of Police have sent this warning to the senior officers on the frontline in that there is no place in this institution for corrupt and irresponsible officers whose actions have tarnished the image of the institution and the hard and honest work put in by many other officers.

He added that Police officers are well versed with their roles in upholding and respecting the rights of those who are brought into their custody, and any officer whose actions contravene these rights will be dealt with severely through their internal disciplinary processes and brought before the court of law to answer to their crime.

At a time when they are calling for support for the work of our police officers, they cannot be seen to be breaching the very laws that they swore an oath to uphold and once those involved are identified, he will remove them from the Force while they await the outcomes of the criminal investigation that is running concurrently to the internal investigation.

Qiliho want to personally assure members of the public that any breach of the law by the Police officers will be given priority in terms of investigations which he will personally oversee.

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