New Zealanders will learn what restrictions remain under Alert Level 1 on Wednesday, ahead of a potential move to that alert level next week.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce the details of what level 1 will look like at a briefing at 1.30pm.

At Alert level 2, restaurants and other hospitality groups are still subject to strict social distancing requirements and there are still restrictions on mass gatherings, which are still capped at 100 people.

These could be loosened for level 1, but other restrictions will remain, namely restrictions on the border.

New Zealand is one of the world’s most open economies, but there have been calls for the county to open further, given persistently low case numbers.

Ardern had previously said the Government would consider level 2 “settings” on June 8, with a move to level 1 being considered no later than June 22.

New Zealand was put at alert level 2 when the alert system was unveiled on March 21, before moving to levels 3 and 4, but the country has never spent any time at Alert Level 1.


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