Gau- Villagers of Nacavanadi will now have access to reliable water supply and also enjoy adequate power supply after the Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama commissioned the new water catchment and solar power system in the village.

Prime Minister Bainimarama said in his official address that the Fijian Government’s priority is to close the gap between Fiji’s urban areas and its rural and maritime areas.

“We do this by making special efforts in the rural area to educate your children, to keep you safe and healthy, to provide internet and legal service and to bring you electrical power and clean water,” he said.

“I have said many times that we cannot have two Fijis, one Fiji that enjoys all the advantages of the modern world and one that is denied those same advantages. We cannot have one Fiji of opportunity and hope and another Fiji that struggles to obtain what people need to have a healthy and productive life. “We cannot have one Fiji where clean water and electricity are abundant and taken for granted and another Fiji where people never know if they will have the water and power they need.”

The new water system installed by the Water Authority of Fiji consists of a large catchment for rainwater and a piping system to distribute the water in the village. “Clean water is critical for the health of a community. It is the most basic human need, so it is the duty of the Government to make sure the people have access to it, and I am committed to making sure that clean water is available every day in every village and settlement in Fiji,” the Prime Minister added.

“I want clean water to be a part of the everyday life of our rural citizens, just as it is for city dwellers.

“The new solar system is expected to provide villagers with reliable power at all hours. “It allows your children to study their lessons at night, and it allows you to be more productive. With reliable power, you can work when you want to or when you need to. You have more control over your day, you can produce more and it means you will not have to put up with the noise and the fumes of a generator,” Prime Minister Bainimarama said.

“The rural villages of Fiji are a source of strength for our nation and a national treasure and my Government want to be sure that our rural villages can prosper. Any village in Fiji can prosper and make great contributions to the nation if it has the basic necessities of modern life.”

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