More than 2000 Fijians living in the Lami area will now have access to a newly built $2.1million fire station that was commissioned by PM Bainimarama yesterday afternoon.

The Lami Fire Station is the 20th fire station that the Government has established around the country – the latest at Nakasi, which was commissioned nearly two months ago.

The new fire station includes a meeting room, dormitories for male and female firefighters, a fitness gym facility, office space, storage rooms for specialized equipment and a brand-new fire truck with the latest in fire-fighting technology.

Prime Minister Bainimarama has urged all business and residential owners and the community at large in Lami to take full advantage of this new fixture in their community. He advised them to seize the opportunity to learn more, to be more conscious of fire safety, and to support the work of their community firefighters.

“We hear the sirens, we see them fighting the flames and entering buildings to save peoples’ lives. But our Firefighters are also in the front lines of preventing fires. They inspect our buildings to make sure they conform to building codes designed to prevent fires. They educate communities on fire prevention—on handling electricity, on managing controlled burning, on eliminating fire hazards in the home or the business. And all of this is accomplished much more effectively when a fire station is a part of the community.”

Your Government will stop at nothing to ensure that the safety of our people and their properties are well protected from the devastating impact of fires.

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