Players from various schools participating at this year’s “Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby League” competition – will need to prove themselves, if they wish to be part of this year’s “Junior Fiji Bati Development team”.

This year’s local secondary schools competition will have Fiji Bati coach – Brandon Costin, watching like a hawk, as he looks to scrutinise players he knows, that deserve to be in the Junior National team.

Coach Costin says the team will be a selection of Under 20 and Under 19 players, that will make up the squad that will tour Australia, at the end of this school year.

There will be numerous trials in both the West and the Eastern Division for the boys, with development plans in place, to improve their health and fitness in training.

Costin adds – the pathway for rugby league in Fiji is well and truly open, with the ultimate goal being, to help secure contracts for the players and develop them, for the senior Bati side.

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