As of January 1st, the manufacture, sale, supply as well as the distribution of plastic bags have been banned.

The Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr. Mahendra Reddy in a press release stated that the ban was a crucial step in protecting Fiji’s Waterways, oceans, rivers, and wildlife from plastic pollution.

This ban does not apply to a carry bag that is:

a) an integral part of packaging such as pre-packaged off the shelf items or plastic bags for carrying bread;

b) used as garbage bags and bin liners; and

c) bags above 50 microns in thickness.

The ban will apply to bags being provided at any business outlet.

Dr. Reddy reflected that these legislative changes leading to the plastic bag ban were part of a suite of measures created to reduce the impact of plastic pollution, and reducing the amount of waste going to our landfills and strengthen Fiji’s recycling options.

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