The Minister for Forests Osea Naiqamu has urged villagers of Saru and Abaca to plant more trees so it can benefit its future generation.

at a consultation on the 30 Million trees in 15 years initiative, Minister
Naiqamu highlighted that given the seriousness of trying to address climate
change, government has increased its tree planting target from 4 Million Trees
in 4 Years” to “30 Million Trees in 15 Years”.

part of its plans in achieving this target, Minister Naiqamu stated that they
will begin with a target of 2million this year.

Naiqamu stressed that the Ministry of Forest is committed in achieving this and
has setup a plan in every division in order to achieve the 2million trees to be
planted this year.

Naiqamu also called on villagers to plant trees that can be traded for money in
the long run so it would benefit them and stated that the Ministry of Forestry
staff would be available for any assistance when needed

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