Sir Bill Beaumont has signaled his desire to revive plans for a Nations Cup involving the top half a dozen teams from northern and southern hemispheres.

Fiji and Japan had been poised to join the Southern grouping under the original proposal, which fell through after Six Nations teams would not agree to allow promotion and relegation to a second tier European competition.

Beaumont acknowledged there was “a lot of hard work to do over the
next four years” and said all parties needed to unite to ensure rugby
can grow and become a more global sport.

“But now we’ve got to all pull together…it’s really important we
don’t have any major issues – the north and the south – we have to pull
together for the betterment of the game,” he said.

World Rugby announced last month it was making available 75 million
pounds to unions suffering financial distress as a result of the
coronavirus pandemic.

But Sir Bill said any drop in revenues would not be at the expense of
women’s rugby, which the governing body viewed as a major growth area,
and said he would challenge the World Rugby Executive Committee to find
the money required to establish new global women’s competitions which
form part of their long-term plan and have already been passed by the
rugby and women’s committees.

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