The 2020-2021 fiscal envelope allows the Ministry of Fisheries to clearly focus on three key objectives.

These objectives will allow us to deliver effective and tangible services to the Fijian people:

1. Optimising services delivered through our 32 fisheries service centers nationwide- Under this objective, the Ministry of Fisheries is determined to maximize utilization and outcome, realized from the allocated budgetary provision to efficiently address short, medium and long term sustainable fisheries goals.

2. Fostering food security- This objective underpins the broader context of focusing our efforts in advanced research on aquaculture, increasing the value of fisheries products through value-adding and diversifying fish products targeted at niche markets.

3. Mitigating challenges through an innovative approach- This is an important goal for the Ministry of Fisheries given the growing issues in our national, regional and global context. Being innovative will allow the Ministry of Fisheries to identify problems, formulate solutions and adapt promptly through cost-effective methods.

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