Police Constable Peni Cavuilagi was recently awarded a Certificate of Commendation for assisting a victim of an alleged aggravated robbery case in Balawa, Lautoka last month.

The victim a taxi driver had picked the three suspects from Drasa Avenue and after arriving at their destination in Balawa, they allegedly assaulted and robbed him of his phone and assorted items.

PC Cavuilagi who was off duty was resting at his home when he heard the victim shouting for help and chased the three, where he was able to apprehend one of the suspects.

The 30 year old suspect was taken into custody whereby investigators managed to gather information of the other two accused persons.

The Acting Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu commended the young officer’s actions adding he was destined to have a long and prosperous policing career.

He added Police officers were never off duty and he thanked PC Cavuilagi’s dedication to the policing profession in responding to the call for assistance.

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