As new school term begins next Monday the Land Transport Authority (LTA) cautions motorists, and parents/guardians to pay special attention to the safety of children.
Take extra care especially at school roadways as well as at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to ensure children can cross in absolute safety at all times..
Bus operators are responsible for the safety of children travelling and particularly when boarding and alighting from buses. Motorists must be alert to the possibility of children crossing the road either in front of a bus or in between two buses in the bus layby.
Children must stand on the bus stand and bus bay pavement and only board the bus when it has come to a complete stop. Children must not put hands and heads out of the window which can be fatal.
Parents/guardians have an equal responsibility for their children’s safety by ensuring that they cross the road in safety at all times. Parents/guardians must educate their children to the ever present dangers on the road.  Only cross at pedestrian crossings and at traffic lights crossing. 
The children must walk facing the oncoming traffic .
This important safety message is for your benefit. Make 2020 a brighter,safer year on our roads.
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