This pandemic is man made, and China is not located in heaven says Fiji Trades Union Congress General Secretary Felix Anthony.

Responding to the passing of the Employment Relations Bill that allows employers to let go of their workers if they cannot provide work due to an act of God, Anthony says the lock downs were imposed by Governments, not God.

He adds that Government while doing all for employers has done absolutely nothing for workers.

He says no obligation is placed on employers for all the concessions that are being given to them.

It is no justification to terminate workers just because other airlines or employers have done so.

The difference is that workers who are terminated abroad are assisted by their Governments and have social safety nets like unemployment benefits or special stimulus packages for workers who have lost their jobs.

Nothing of that sort exists in Fiji.

Anthony says Fiji Airways terminations send a very wrong signal to other employers who think now they can terminate workers overnight without any further obligation.

Meanwhile, questions sent to Anthony regarding assistance to union members in light of COVID-19 remain unanswered.

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