The University of the South Pacific’s Technical and Further Education program, is working on providing more short courses for locals after this global pandemic.

Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pal Ahluwalia confirmed that discussions are underway on creating more affordable courses to help up skill people, as the university realizes the immediate need for self-employment at such a time after COVID19.

The University of the South Pacific’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pal Ahluwalia says during these difficult economic times people much embrace change and move forward to find ways to provide for their families.

“We are getting into more short courses and it’s very important for the Pacific TAFE to be able to provide those kind of facilities and to provide short courses for people who really need those kind of qualifications”.

Despite such uncertain times, Prof Ahluwalia through these short courses, new businesses will be able to create a multiplier effect, helping employ others- hence sustaining livelihoods.

“These are all agents of change and then they will take this back to their communities- just the qualification for one person is rather that their will be a multiplication throughout their communities”.

The university has also noticed a significant increase in females who are enrolled in short courses at Pacific TAFE.

“I think that it’s just sensational, I mean it shows how diverse our communities is and how empowered our women are and it’s just fantastic to see that.”

Prof. Ahluwalia believes there is no end to education, and now more than ever people much think about up skilling themselves, in order to survive through such difficult times.

“I think that’s a reflection of whats happening in our time at the moment, that people are re-skilling, they are trying to do whatever they can. And these are difficult times and so people are really really embracing change and empowering themselves and their communities.”

USP will be offering more short courses in the coming months as Semester 2 is set to begin on August 3rd.

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