A one year old child allegedly drowned in the Utelei River in Nadi yesterday.

The incident occurred near the Matavouvou Settlement in Korovuto Nadi yesterday afternoon.

Information gathered was that the child was left in the care of his 9year old brother when the tragic incident occurred, however this is subject to investigations.

Attempts to revive him proved futile and he was pronounced dead on arrival at the Nadi Hospital.

Investigations are looking at the element of negligence as the victim was allegedly left in the care of another young child.

The drowning death toll currently stands at 20 compared to 21 for the same period last year.

Parents and guardians are reminded that the issue of supervision must not be taken lightly.

Children should never be left in the care of another child and while we do not want to add more grief to the family suffering the loss of their child, investigators will have no choice but to charge the parents or guardians with negligence if there is sufficient evidence to do so.

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