The Logistic Support Unit (LSU) Battalion conducted a workshop based on the topic ‘Transformation of the Mindset’ for their Battalion Warrant-Officers (WOs) and Senior-Non Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks WOs and SNCOs Mess in Nabua.

The one-day workshop which was conducted by several senior Warrant-Officers of the RFMF was aimed to develop individual mindsets to assist with shouldering responsibilities in the Battalion which would enable them to carry-out tasking assertively.

While speaking during the opening of the workshop, Commanding-Officer of the LSU Battalion Major Sirino Ropate stated that it was important for WOs and SNCOs to adjust and adapt to changes that are required by the RFMF to improve service delivery in the institution.

A total of 37 WOs and SNCOs participated in the conference.

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