When it comes to COVID-19, older people are especially vulnerable to severe illness. Age increases the risk that the respiratory system or lungs will shut down when an older person succumbs to COVID-19.

Ocean Soaps believes in the sanctity of elders, so to fight against COVID – 19 outbreak, Ocean Soaps has donated MedX Soaps, Sanitizers and Bodyguards soaps to improve hygiene practices of the older people in need at the Golden Age Home, Lautoka.

Ocean Soaps Limited manufactures personal care and home care products which include laundry soaps, bathing soaps, detergents, bleach, window cleaner, fresh air deodorants & dishwashing detergents.

The factory in Lautoka is equipped with a state-of-the art, Italian-manufactured Mazzoni production line which produces a wide range of laundry and bathing soaps, automated pillow packed and conventional packed soaps.

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