In recognition of the importance of trade and supply chain connectivity, the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya, welcomed New Zealand’s decision to reopen its Trade Commission in Suva.

“I am pleased that New Zealand has realised this important milestone. This affirms the commitment of the New Zealand Government to Fiji and the Pacific region as a whole”, said Minister Koya.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted trade flows and disrupted supply chains. Maintaining trade connectivity is critical to enable Fiji to respond effectively and efficiently to the pandemic and to ensure a sustainable economic recovery.

“The opening of New Zealand’s Trade Commission is a symbol of our excellent bilateral relations, which have endured and thrived for decades. It is an important signal of our shared commitment to continue to thrive, despite the severe economic and health challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic”, said Minister Koya.

Fiji and New Zealand are like-minded partners, with many common interests. Our economies are deeply intertwined, anchored by trade, investment and people-to-people ties. New Zealand is one of Fiji’s largest trading partners and foreign investors.

“New Zealand is one of the very important trade and investment partners of Fiji, and we only intend to grow this relation to the next best level”, stated Minister.

The Fiji based Trade Commission will be responsible for growing New Zealand business in not only Fiji but in the broader Pacific region. “This sends a strong signal of the importance of Fiji’s regional hub status and continuity of our collective commitment towards regional prosperity”, added Minister Koya.

We see New Zealand’s trade presence in Fiji and consider it extremely important as it will benefit our businesses and create opportunities for our people.

“We look forward to the finalisation of necessary arrangements and working with New Zealand’s future Trade Commissioner to benefit from each other’s competitive advantages and realise the full potential of our bilateral relations”, said Minister Koya.

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