Years of having to wait for two to three days for floodwaters to recede so villagers of Koroboya in the district of Ba can safely get to their homes will now be a thing of the past for the 117 villagers.  

This was after Government, through the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management recently completed the construction of the Koroboya Village crossing and access project.  

The project was completed at a cost of $38,200 under the Ministry’s Community Access Roads, Footpaths and Footbridges (CARFF) programme in the 2019/2020 financial year.  

The village is located 80km from Ba town in the interior of Ba Province.  

Prior to the construction of the crossing, villagers of Koroboya had to cross a creek to get to their homes in the village.  And in any event of flooding, villagers would have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get to the village when floodwaters receded.  

The project was then identified by the elders of the community and was raised in their village meetings.  

A project brief by the Office of the Commissioner Western Division stated this had been one of the resolutions of the Bose Ni Tikina of Qaliyalatina in the previous years to construct the new crossing that would be connected to the village.

It was raised again in the 2019 Bose Ni Tikina before a submission was made for approval of funding.  During one of his recent tours to the area, former Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Hon. Viam Pillay promised the villagers for the provision of a crossing to connect them to their village.  

Initial discussions into the project involved the Fiji Roads Authority whereby they had constructed the main road to the village and the school for easier access while the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management had to construct the crossing.  

The new crossing would greatly assist the 117 villagers from 21 households, particularly the 12 school students and their five fellow villagers living with disability in getting to and from the village.  

The village is also one of the prime areas of agriculture identified by the Agriculture Ministry for the community to be rural millionaires because of Dalo and Yaqona farming that existed there.  The completion of the crossing will also allow the villagers to have access to bus services in the near future and open more doors to development. 

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