currently living in the People’s Republic of China are confirmed to be safe as
the Fiji Embassy in Beijing monitors the situation, amid massive outbreak of
the Coronavirus in China.

Fiji Embassy in Beijing has confirmed that as of now Fijian citizens including
the students in Wuhan and other Provinces have been contacted and there have
been no reports of any Fijian affected by the Coronavirus. The safety of
Fijians is of paramount as the Embassy continues to work with the relevant
authorities in Beijing in ensuring the wellbeing of Fijians.

Embassy has reached out to all the Fijians on a regular basis in providing them
with information and updates on the current situation of the Coronavirus virus
outbreak including all preventative measures that needs to be taken such as
limiting mobility and staying indoors in high risk provinces such as Wuhan.

information on the preventative measures conveyed by the Embassy is in
accordance with the advisories provided by the local health authorities in
Beijing and as well as the World Health Organisation.

Embassy says that at this stage no official confirmation has been released by the
National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China for evacuation of
people from Wuhan and any affected Provinces.

Fiji Embassy in Beijing continues to monitor the situation to ensure that all
Fijians in China are well informed of the situation and is urging  them to
taking heed of the current precautionary measures as advised. Contingency
measures are also mapped out by the Fiji Embassy in Beijing should there be a
need for evacuation.

Embassy has also advised that the Fijian diaspora programs including the
induction programs for new students have been deferred until further notice.

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