Team from the High Commission had an opportunity to learn and tour the Pacific Community Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT), 🌿 that assists Pacific Island countries and territories in conservation and sustainable use of their genetic resources.

The team was delighted to see first-hand the technological capability of the Centre in conserving crop collections 🌱 at the Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.

Hats off to the amazing #CePaCT staff in their crucial role in conserving, researching and distributing genetic resources to Pacific countries and others. 🙏

The facility conserves important crops of the region including banana, bele, breadfruit, cassava, pandanus, sweet potato, yam and is globally recognised as the World Centre for Taro as it houses the largest number of taro collections worldwide. ✅

New Zealand is very proud to support CePaCT in their ambition to increase food and nutrition security and achieve sustainable and resilient agriculture systems across the Pacific.

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