Fishermen on the island of Yanuca in the Serua Province will no longer have to travel to Navua Town to buy ice as they received their solar powered freezer from the Ministry of Fisheries.

In handing over the assistance in the village hall this morning, Minister for Fisheries, Semi Koroilavesau said that the freezer will certainly assist them in the proper storage of their fish before it is transported to mainland for sale.

“I am told that Yanuca relies solely on it’s fisheries resources as a source of income and the ministry is happy to assist you through the provision of a solar freezer,”said Mr Koroilavesau.Tui Daga, Mr. Panapasa Matia said that the assistance is timely.

“Ön behalf of the villagers, I would like to thank the Government especially the ministry for the kind gesture and I am sure that the Yanuca Fishermen’s Association will look after it well,”said Mr Matia.

53-year old Salote Namesa who is also a member of the fishermen’s association said that they used to travel to Navua to purchase ice and the trip would normally cost around $100.00 return.

“We are so happy because we now have our own freezer to store our catch whilst waiting for it to be transported to mainland,”said Ms Namesa.

There are around 23 licensed fishermen on the island of Yanuca who usually sell their catch in the Navua and Suva Markets.

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