Thirty-three families of Nabukadra village along the coast of Ra Province are now protected from the impact of sea level rise with the commissioning of their new $31,104 sea wall project.

Village headman Maika Vaciri, in commending Government assistance towards this project, said that for years villagers had to endure the effects of climate change however, with the new seawall, they are now safe.

“Our forefathers have had their fair share of trying to grapple with the rise in sea-level which continually caused flooding in the village.”

“Today, we are a living testimony of having to adapt to climate change. During Tropical Cyclone Winston our village was the worst hit village in this province due to the destruction of our old village seawall.”

However, with Government’s assistance through the Ministry of Waterways, Mr Vaciri can boldly say that the villagers are safe from the effects of climate change.

Building climate resilience for Fijian families living along coastal areas is one of the areas that the #FijianGovernment is hoping to address by constructing seawalls to protect coastal villages from encroaching tides. “As one of our nation’s many low-lying communities, you are painfully familiar with the impact that the rising seas, stronger storms, and changing weather patterns have had on #Fiji’s development.”

“You have lived with the fear that everything you have built or dreamed of building could be washed away. You have suffered the anxiety of watching your old seawall be washed away, not knowing whether your children could safely call this community their home. And that sense of urgency drove you to request that this new seawall be built.” “You asked, and your Government answered.

This new seawall we have built harnesses the great power of nature to build a buffer between your homes and the encroaching tides.” Prime Minister Bainimarama adds this seawall is stronger than the old structure that was in place, which sadly was ill-suited to keeping this community’s 33 families out of harm’s way.

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment has employed this same model in many other coastal low-lying #Fijian communities using boulders, vetiver grass and mangrove hedges to protect the soil from erosion and keep out the sea, particularly in times of severe weather.

With this mitigation plan in place, 33 families of Nabukadra village in the province of Ra are now safe from the rise in sea-level after Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama commissioned the seawall project yesterday.

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