Three years after the Nacamaki village hall was demolished by Tropical Winston it is finally been re-build.
The villagers have been struggling to rebuild their village hall and there prayers was answered when Hard Rock Housing’s Expedition Fiji provide a timey assistance.
Houses were badly damaged and a village hall without a roof.
The villagers needed assistance and it came in a form of someone who had visited them in 1998.
Sam Romey, Captain at the time, of the local Fijian dive ship, the “Fiji Aggressor”, was taken in as family by the Nacamaki Village.
21 years later he has provided Nacamaki village hall with a new lease of life.
Even the smallest contributions was welcomed and appreciated.
People of Nacamaki came together to complete this project on time.
He has traveled back many times to visit his Nacamaki family, and has made it his mission to rebuild the village, to build it better than before, so his Nacamaki family will be safe for decades to come.
The re-building of the Nacamaki village hall cost Hard Rock Housing’s Expedition Fiji  $70 thousand dollars.
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