A new policy direction has been set for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to be one of the best organisations that is focused on customer service. 

This was highlighted by the Minister for Commerce, Tourism and Transport Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya while opening the new LTA office in Lami today. 

Minister Koya while speaking at the opening of the new office reminded the staff of the need to improve customer service which is the paramount goal to enhance the service delivery and ensure customers are satisfied with the service; embracing technology for transparent and good governance. 

“The Fijian Government, through its digital transformation intention, has introduced LTA’s Online services for customers to control their information at the palm of their hands.

This effectively enables customers to carry out LTA transactions with the newly launched online services.”

 “Subsequently, from 18 May this year, LTA has registered over 60,000 customers to the world of doing business Online through its e-Services platform and LTA smartphone app.” 

Minister Koya highlighted the need for the organisation to establish standards for registration and licensing, controlling, coordinating, planning and implementing road safety in Fiji and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and strategies of the organisation.

He adds an estimated 1.3 million people die each year from road fatalities and a further 10 million are injured as a result of road accidents globally. 

Meanwhile, LTA Board chairman Vijay Maharaj said LTA has seen an exponential increase in the number of vehicles and drivers in Fiji in the last decade and that growth is predicted to continue. 

“As of April this year, total registered vehicles on Fiji Roads stood at Approximately 130,000. 

Majority of that number consisted of Cars only (Approximately 87,000) followed by Utility and other Vans at about 26,000.” 

“Motor Cycles stood at 854. Of course, with the rise in number of vehicles and young drivers besides, causing congestion on our roads, we have also seen a rise in traffic violations, enforcement of which is continuing to be a challenge for LTA.” 

Mr. Maharaj added that LTA is constantly evolving and will continue to focus on service delivery as its central mission.

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