The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Suva, Fiji, Peter Loy Chong, today announced a new management board and website for the Father Law Home at

The Father Law Home provides care and shelter primarily to the aged, especially those with chronic medical conditions or have nowhere to live. The home had been operated under the auspices of the Saint Vincent De Paul Society since 1956 and is currently in transition to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Suva.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Nazareth oversee the management of the home and care of the residents.

“The Father Law Home is where we traditionally find love and care, along with the necessities of hot meals, a warm bed and the companionship so vital to human beings,” the Archbishop said. “Unfortunately the reality of life is that there are always people who require special care who have been forced into homelessness.”

The Archbishop welcomed new board members Jeffrey Lin, CEO, Shipping Services (Chair), Liliwaimanu Vuiyasawa, Public Issues Lawyer, Munro Leys, Bernard Hong Tiy, Managing Director, Shipping Services, Donny Yee, Managing Director, Lami Kava, Shaheen Asgar, Managing Director, Eyesite, Shivas Singh, Managing Director, Harcourts Fiji, Darran Bentley Fisher, Director, Fiji Chemicals and Weta Coffee, and Anish Chand, Financial Controller, Shipping Services.

Chair of the management board, Mr Lin, said the new website was created to help raise awareness about the important work of the Father Law Home and to assist with driving further support towards one of Fiji’s most vulnerable groups during these unprecedented times.

“People of every ethnicity and religion visit the home in Wailekutu, outside Lami to offer food, toiletries, clothes and other gifts for the 30 men and women residing there,” Mr Lin said. “While the home is provided with a modest annual grant from Government, any assistance in cash and kind is always greatly welcomed.”

Mr Lin explained that the home’s costs largely cover food and medicine for the residents, along with transportation to hospital for treatment and therapy, staff wages and maintenance of the facilities and a vehicle.

“Caring for the aged, especially those who live with chronic medical conditions, can be very challenging for caregivers and residents alike,” Mere Lauwai, Sister-in-Charge at the Father Law Home said.

“But the happiness we see and the gratitude we receive from the residents at the end of the day is reward enough for the nine full time staff of the home.”

Mr Lin thanked William Dalituicama and Netani Rika for their professional services in developing the new website, along with all the new management board members and staff of the Father Law Home for their ongoing commitment towards improving the lives of the residents in their care.

For more information on the Father Law Home and how to help, including through donations or volunteering of your services, visit

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