The villagers of Biaugunu are already looking forward to the start of the new school season after the opening of their new Kindergarten which was commissioned by the Acting Prime Minister, Dr Mahendra Reddy. 

The celebration today was a breath of fresh air as parents and elders showed their appreciation to the government for assisting them in enhancing the knowledge of their future leaders. 

While giving his address today, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy reminded the villagers that education is the key to shaping our future. 

“Our government’s number one priority is investment in children’s education because investment in education will also guarantee a knowledge based society in the future for Fiji” said Dr Reddy. 

“We are investing in education now meaning we are building a prosperous peaceful and stable future Fiji” he said. 

Meanwhile, Biaugunu Kindergarten Teacher Elenoa Sorowaqa believes that this project will boost the moral of parents to be excited for their children’s future. 

About twenty students are expected to begin their Early Childhood Education at the new Biaugunu Block and Sorowaqa is excited for the starting of new term. 

“Before, we have to travel far to attend school and sometimes our children are late because they cannot cope with time” said Sorowaqa. 

Students in Biaugunu used to have their classes in a closed small bure which had only one door.  

The government, through the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development invested over $12,000.00 under the Self-Help Programme for the construction of this new kindergarten block.


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