Residents of Rokosalasei settlement in the interior of Macuata have more reason to celebrate this festive season following the opening of their new vehicular crossing.

Members of the community who used to carry their shopping, building materials and even their sick across to the main road using pieces of logs can now be get off and picked up right from their doorsteps.

In an interview with the settlement’s traditional head, Maciu Sakealevu said this was a timely intervention considering that their temporary crossing usually gets inundated with water during rainy weather.

He said they helped as much as they could by providing some materials during the construction which included the hardwood used to build the crossing, and even labour during the building process.

“We have experienced a huge difference, we are relieved because now, residents would be picked and dropped right in front of their homes,”  Sakealevu said.

The Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Dr Mahendra Reddy applauded the residents for their efforts in assisting the Government team in completing the program on time.

“I want to thank the community for their hard-work in supporting out team to ensure that this is supported on time, the timber that they provided,” he said.

““This crossing is not simply a link between one side of the creek to the other, but a connection between the community and the rest of the country,” he said.

The crossing that we had here was a simple foot crossing which was a threat to the children who were using it, today what we have is a vehicular crossing. A very strong one, using engineering designs, where vehicles can cross and bring villagers right to their homes.”

There are seven households that make up Rokosalasei settlement.


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