Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared the situation is now “deadly serious”.

The need for Australians to distance themselves from each other has become paramount in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

As COVID-19 cases spiral, the Government is implementing greater restrictions on movement.

But things are changing quickly. On Sunday night, Mr Morrison announced places like pubs, indoor sporting venues and churches would be closed by midday on Monday.

On Sunday morning the Prime Minister requested Australians now stay at home, unless the travel is “essential”.

“Those holidays that you may have been planning to take interstate over the school holidays are cancelled,” he said.

He also foreshadowed “far more draconian” measures to be applied in coming days.

At Sunday night’s press conference, Mr Morrison said that Australians would not be confined to their homes.

But even without Mr Morrison’s intervention, interstate travel has been curtailed.

Western Australia and South Australia have joined Tasmania and the Northern Territory in requiring visitors to isolate for 14 days upon arrival, effectively closing the borders.Coronavirus questions answered
Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC’s Coronacast.

So what is non-essential travel?

Holidays and avoidable interstate trips were cited by the Prime Minister as travel that must be scrapped.

On the other hand, he said going to the shops, going to work and “other important tasks” are essential and would be allowed.

Where should Australians draw the line?

“Common sense,” Mr Morrison said, with consideration of the threat of the virus to the community at large.

“It is not just about each of us individually but the person standing next to us, the person who lives across the road, the elderly resident in the same apartment building as you.”

Going to school remains essential while schools remain open.

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