The Centre for Appropriate Technology and Development (CATD) in Nadave, Tailevu received a timely boost after they received a boat and engine from the Ministry of Fisheries.

In his handing over to CATD, Minister for Fisheries, Honourable Semi Koroilavesau said that the assistance reaffirms the relationship that the ministry has with them.

“It is a relationship that goes a long way in our collective efforts to achieve the vision of enhancing and empowering the rural communities to sustainably manage their God-given resources both for their daily sustenance and even for economic development,” said Mr Koroilavesau.

“The ministry has been assisting the CATD in terms of capacity building and aquaculture development for the many students who have gone through the institution. It is also equally pleasing to note that the ministry’s services have been indirectly extended to the rural communities through these students.”

Mr Koroilavesau added that the assistance will be part of CATD’s educational package enabling the students to learn and engage in subsistence fishing skills, specifically with their neighbouring communities.

“This assistance is also part of the Ministry’s response to COVID-19 and the three tropical cyclones that have struck our country in the past six months, including Sarai, Tino and Harold. I have every confidence that the boat and engine will add value to CATD’s educational curriculum and will enable the transfer of lifelong skills in sustainable fishing practices resulting in future entrepreneurs in the fishing business.

This should in turn enhance the ability of our people to put food on the table and assist with their economic needs.”

Director for CATD, Mr. Naipote Katonitabua said that the institution is thankful to Government especially the Ministry of Fisheries for the timely assistance as it will certainly boost learning for its students.

“The Ministry of Fisheries and CATD have been working together for more than 35 years since the establishment of the institution. We had also collaborated on the establishment of four ponds at the institution’s farm in Mokani back in 2012 which is still in operation to date,” explained Mr. Katonitabua.

He also added that students at CATD will certainly be empowered through their newfound knowledge of life long skills which they will eventually take back with them once they return to their communities and villages.

The assistance given to CATD was made possible through the Project Development Fund under the Forum Fisheries Agency.

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