The University of Fiji will offer a unique programme- Bachelor of Commerce in Resource Economics and Management from Semester 1, 2020.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sushila Chang highlighted the programme was developed to look at the sustainability and management of resources to ensure a win-win outcome for the stakeholders.

“As we go and talk to the communities, we realize that Fiji has a unique way of managing land resources. We have received urban development and land it could be freehold or leased and their developments- how do you manage this to ensure that it is viable, sustainable and meets the needs of the country?” she explained.

The programme draws in expertise from several disciplines to study resource use and its management.

The programme comprises the study of courses in Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Agricultural Economics, Tourism Economics, Resource and Environmental Economics, Cost Benefit Analysis), Management (Venture Creation, Marketing, and Project Management), Environmental Science (Fundamentals of Environmental Science, Environmental Impact Assessment, Coastal Conservation and Management) and how climate change and resource use relate to culture and society.

Graduates will develop specialized knowledge in this area and develop a capability to effectively analyse and provide policy solutions to resource use and management problems.

There are limited seats available for this programme. Students who have successfully completed their Year 13 Examination with an aggregate of 200 or more are encouraged to apply.

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