Goundar Shipping has lashed out at Interlink Shipping for an incident that could have resulted in a disaster at

In an interview with Fiji One News, Gounder Shipping’s George Goundar expressed his disappointment at the way Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) handled the complaint that has resulted in the suspension of the boat

Meanwhile Interlink Shipping owners have shifted the blame on Goundar
Shipping for unauthorized docking.

Suspension letters were handed to the shipping operators by MSAF this morning following the collision at sea yesterday. Ship owners are now locked in an argument
with investigations already underway.

Owners of the Interlink Shipping Services have also hit back at Goundar
Shipping for not adhering to procedures, docking and departure times provided
to both operators by MSAF.

The blame game erupting from Friday’s near collision has resulted in a time-table issued by MSAF.

In consultation with the in-line Minister and in accordance with section
27 of the Maritime Transport Act 2013, boat masters of the two vessels have been issued
suspension letters pending an investigation.

The boat masters or captains of the two vessels have been ordered to surrender their Certificate of Competency.

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