All Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators must cease operations well before 10.00pm tonight to ensure that their staff can get home after work and fully comply with the provisions of the nationwide curfew starting from 10.00pm tonight till 5.00am as part of the COVID-19 measures by the Government.

All buses,taxis,minibuses,licenced carriers
must be off the roads well before 10pm and may not operate before 5am. Operators
must give staff sufficient time to get from and to work outside of the curfew

There will be no exemptions from full
adherence to the curfew restrictions no matter what the excuse.

Customers are advised to contact their local
bus,taxi,minibus,licenced carrier operators directly and seek information about
first and last services outside the curfew hours.

Penalties for breaching curfew regulations are
five years in prison and up to a 10,000-dollar fine, or both.

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