The Ministry of Local Government is currently working with the National Disaster Management Office as part of the TC Harold Community Clean Up Campaign. This Campaign is operating successfully in the West and North and is now here in Central Division.  

It is being coordinated through the Office of the Central Division Commissioner, who is working tirelessly to ensure enough trucks, waste collection equipment and manpower is available to do the job. Originally planned as a ten day exercise, the inclement weather and the huge response to the call for a clean-up will see this pushed out to at least a two week period.  

While people are to be congratulated for heeding the clean up call, we ask for patience while this is being collected as there is more waste out on the streets than for normal Council waste collection services.  

Nasinu Town Council is Fiji’s largest Municipality and with over 300 loads of waste now on the roadside, the TC Harold Clean-Up Campaign  will take time to clear every street.  

The Clean Up campaign in the Central Division involves at least 8 trucks to complement the 76 waste bin pick up points. Government trucks from different Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are complementing the trucks engaged through the Municipal Councils.

With the latest funding from Ministry of Health further equipment and waste bins will be online so that the clean-up can gather speed this week.   The exercise involves three loading and cleaning teams from RFMF and each team consists of 18 personnel.  

A detailed plan guides the initiative and is dependent on the number of bins and trucks available.  Discussions are being pursued with private sector companies on the additional support with trucks and equipment.  

The Ministry thanked the private sector companies and the community groups who are donating their time and vehicles to assist this important campaign post TC Harold.

Their support has been critical to the success of this campaign.   It can be achieved and the Ministry of Local Government is actively working with Nasinu Town Council; Commissioner Central and NDMO to ensure the streets of Nasinu are free of waste.  

The current collection is continuing from Makoi and will be expedited with the injection of additional trucks, machineries and manpower to ensure that all wastes are collected within a 14 day timeframe. Commissioner Central has also now met with Nausori Town Council to finalise the schedules for that municipality.  

For those living in Nasinu, effective from 20 April 2020, the collection of kitchen waste by Nasinu Town has been reduced to 3 days, green waste will be collected 3 times a year and white goods once a year.

Waste collection schedules have been provided to residents and more information can be obtained at the Nasinu Town Council office.   Water management is, by its very nature, a partnership exercise between Councils and their residents and business owners.

The Ministry would like to requests ratepayers to assist the Council by ceasing dumping of construction waste on the roadside and not putting out green waste before the date of the advertised schedule in their area. Put your kitchen waste in a bag in a sealed bin so that dogs do not take it apart and spread on the street.

Ensure hard rubbish is not piled with other waste. Start to compost your green waste and reduce the amount of landfill and cost to Council. All of this helps!  

Monitoring of waste continues on a daily basis and offenders are being fined under the Litter Promulgation Act. Everyone needs to do their part in ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean.    

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