Namosi has managed to retain the prestigious Farebrother Sullivan Trophy after overcoming a strong Nadroga side 15 – 6 in a spectacular fashion at Ratu Cakobau park earlier this afternoon.

Nadroga brought the play to Namosi’s 22m zone and manage to keep it there within the first few minutes.

After numerous attempts of open plays followed by pick and drive from Nadroga trying to cross the try line, Namosi manage to hold their defensive line

Nadroga continues to apply pressure forcing Namosi to concede a few penalties early in the first round.

The drizzling rain and wet weather condition at Ratu Cakobau park caused a lot of sloppy play and errors from both sides.

Namosi came into the second half with more swift gameplay, turning the table around as they continue to take the pressure to Nadroga.


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