Defending the Farebrother Sullivan Trophy is the proudest moment for any team that is holding this prestigious trophy.

The Farebrother challenge format sees the top 4 teams from the Skipper Cup points table challenging the Trophy, which is sort of the last man standing as the last team holding the trophy is crowned Farebrother champion. 

However, this year the format got adjusted a bit due to the pandemic which upended our local competitions timetable, the adjustments were made to suit the revised Skipper timetable which has also allowed all teams in the Skipper competition to have a title shot at the Farebrother Trophy.

This means that momentum in the Farebrother challenge will be at a different level and Trophy holder will always expect a grueling fight to retain the trophy from challenging teams.

This is exactly what the boys from Nabukebuke are preparing themselves for. After stripping the trophy from Nadroga two weeks ago they aim to keep the prestigious trophy in Namosi.

Last week Naitasiri challenged the Farebrother trophy and Namosi proved too strong for them at their home ground in Thompson Park, Navua.

Speaking after the game, Namosi halfback Peni Matawalu said that the moment they got the trophy, they aim not to lose it.

“Defending the Farebrother trophy is such a big honor for us, and we’re really happy that we are holding this title because this is the highest rugby title in Fiji.”

Matawalu knows that it’s a different atmosphere when it comes to defending the trophy as he said unlike playing a normal Skipper round, “when it comes to the Farebrother challenge, that’s when we’ll have to give it our all.”

“The experience of defending the Farebrother is just something else, every team will be coming in hard and when you’re defending it, expectations will be high from everyone, that’s why we’re giving it our all to retain this trophy because at the end of the day the best team will take it.”

-Fiji Rugby Media

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