A newly appointed Board of Special Administrators has taken over the strategic aspect of the Nadi Town Council from yesterday.

Chaired by Debra Sadranu, Board members include Adish Naidu, Manorma Khan, Anil Chandra and Romil Patel.

“The major change that we want to bring about in the municipality is the introduction of the commercial aspects of things,” said Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Premila Kumar.

She met with the Board alongside Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Dimity Fifer and council executives.

“We have seen over the years that municipalities were just running the show on a daily basis without really having the financial acumen; not able to think through as to how they can generate revenue and how they can contain their expenses so the surplus that they create can be invested into various projects.

That has not happened. If we move around the towns and cities, you will see most of these councils have remained in prominent places, just delivering the services as they have been doing for the last so many years. But we want to change that so that the ratepayers can gain a lot from what we can offer to that. We are here simply because of the ratepayers and there is expectation set by the ratepayers.”

Sadranu said they would bring in a more commercial mindset and reality to the decision-making processes for the municipality. The Board seeks to create more means of revenue to positively impact residents, create more markets and employment and beautify the town as an international gateway.



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