Digicel today is launching MyCash, a mobile wallet that gives Fijians access to digital money. The new mobile wallet allows customers to send and receive money at no fees locally, receive money from abroad, make payments via QR codes, and pay bills, all from the comfort and safety of their phone anywhere they are. Plus, they can Top Up their phone and get double the credit, an offer exclusive to MyCash customers.

The new MyCash mobile wallet is available to download at no cost, and it’s zero-rated, so it won’t consume data from the customer’s plan when using it. Customers will only need to provide their phone number and choose a PIN code to protect their account when registering. The PIN code provides an extra layer of security since accessing the account and making transactions depend on PIN code confirmation.

After registering and activating their account, customers can start using their MyCash wallet by receiving money from abroad or from another MyCash user, depositing money at any Digicel store or MyCash agent. Their funds will be available within minutes.  

Farid Mohammed, Digicel Fiji CEO, said; “Launching MyCash is part of our objective of being a digital operator and our goal of giving people access to digital money. Our aim is for people to use MyCash as the tool to make their daily transactions, from sending money to a friend located anywhere in the country or receiving money from a family member abroad directly to their mobile wallet. We promised our customers a powerful digital experience all day, every day, and as a Digital Operator we continue to invest and bring solutions for our customers enhancing their digital experience with our suite of apps.”

Newly appointed Regional Head of Financial Services, Anup Kumar, said; “We are delighted that MyCash will help our customers to receive money from friends and family from abroad, giving even more choice to consumers. MyCash couldn’t come at a better time as travel restrictions continue to impact everyone because of COVID-19, which has forced customer behaviour towards digital options such as mobile wallets. With our Better Together brand, we are making a promise of simply more to customers and MyCash is giving them access to digital money.”

“When using MyCash, customers will be able to enjoy zero fees when sending money between them, regardless if they’re next to each other or in different towns. At the same time, they’ll receive international remittance within minutes when their loved one abroad visits www.digicelinternational.com or the Digicel International app and clicks on the Send Money feature,” concluded Kumar.

The MyCash App is available to download in Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. And if somebody wants to become a MyCash customer but doesn’t have a smartphone, they can register using *888# and follow the steps, and enjoy the same benefits smartphone users will have. 

MyCash is the new mobile wallet that gives access to digital money in a safe, reliable, convenient, and fast way. 


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