The Ministry of Local Government, in line with the recent Fijian Government directive on movements, wishes to advise that the Ministry, together with the Municipal Councils, are working to ensure marketproduce is made available within the Containment Areas.

Effective today, residents living in Suva Zone are advised that the Suva Market, Flagstaff Mini Market, Raiwaqa Mini Market, Nabua Mini Market, Kaukimoce Mini Market and Laqere market will be operating as normal.In addition, the Lami Market and Delainavesi Mini Market in Lami Zone are continuing their operations, as well.

Similarly, for Nausori Zone, consumers can visit the Makoi mini-market, Narere mini-market and Nausori market to buy their vegetables, fruits, fish etc.

The closing hours for Nausori and Laqere market is at 4 pm.

As for Lautoka City, the main Lautoka market and the Tavakubu Satellite Market are open for business.

For Nadi residents, both Nadi and Namaka Markets are operational and will close at 5 pm daily.Patrons at all the markets need to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols of social distancing and use of face masks.

“We will endeavour to deliver the required services to all consumers and ratepayers during this period. In return, we expect all citizens to adhere to the Government COVID-Safe measures. Your safety and the safety of your family is your responsibility,” said Kumar.

“We request all vendors to wear masks and keep the markets clean at all times. Vendors and anyone entering markets should have downloaded the careFIJI app and keep the Bluetooth on at all times for tracing any local transmission of the virus,” added the Minister.

Consumers are encouraged to take advantage of the satellite and mini markets within their Containment Areas, as this will reduce overcrowding in the main markets. Consumers are also encouraged not to go to markets in large numbers, and not to take their entire family.

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