Some mothers missed out on Mothers Day today as they were out on the streets selling produce to keep their families going.

Although they understand the importance of Mothers Day, they feel the need of their families is much greater.

thousands of mothers across the country staying home today and being papered
with gifts and the presence of loved ones, for some life must go on, as the
livelihood of their families depends on them.

Most mothers
would stay home today to commemorate mothers day, for me I’m out here selling
for my family’s livelihood.

For some of
these women, enormous pressure is on their shoulders not only as single mothers
but also as the only beacon of hope in a family.

Merewalesi Nayabusali, life as a single mom is far from a bed of roses.

She believes
one has to selflessly sacrifice everything when it comes to family.

But the
biggest crisis the world is currently facing does not discriminate, according
to these iron women at least.

According to
these women, they at times forget what normal looks and feels like, as life
leaves them feeling as if they’re not doing enough or enough of the right

But they insist, life goes on.

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