Members of the Nasomo Landowners Trust received $66,665 as mineral royalty fair share in Nasomo, Vatukoula.

This was the 7th payout by the Fijian Government to 123 Trust members.

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Hon. Jone Usamate has commended the landowners for making wise use of the royalty shares.

“I am greatly encouraged by the decision made by Trust members to contribute a portion of their funds to the Nasomo Community Development Fund. I urge the Trust to utilize this fund transparently for community development that will bring in tangible benefits for the current and future generation of Nasomo,” said Minister Usamate.

Minister Usamate said the Fijian Government will continue to work with the landowners and ensure they get their share of royalties.

Fair Share of Mineral Royalties Act 2018 states 80 per cent of mineral royalties will be given to the landowning units or customary fishing rights holders.

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