On 8 January 2020, the Ministry of Education successfully loaded the funds of 61,644 subsidised e-Transport cards for students qualifying for assistance under the e-Transport Assistance Scheme. As of 15 January 2020, 25,161 cards have been redeemed.  

The Ministry is urging beneficiaries who have not yet redeemed their transportation assistance to urgently do so. Funds can be redeemed by students or parents directly on-board buses equipped with e-Transport machines, or at Vodafone Outlets, Valuefone, Mr. Mobile Outlets or District Education Offices. 

If any parent and student is experiencing technical issues with a subsidised e-Transport card, please contact Vodafone’s customer service at number 151. Subsidised e-Transport cards that have been lost or damaged can be replaced at any Vodafone outlet.  

Any general queries about the e-Transport Assistance Scheme can be directed to the Ministry at number 163.


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