Fiji, like its neighbors across the South Pacific, remains one of the smallest contributors to global carbon emissions, yet faces some of the most devastating consequences of extreme weather patterns.

More than 50 villages are now under the threat of relocation, the Ministry of Waterways and Environment is now urging communities to take a personal stand against climate change.

The current generation is bound to suffer if we continue to indiscriminately exhaust and tamper with our existing stock of biological resources.

Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr. Mahendra Reddy says we must not take our abundant resources for granted.

It is important, Reddy says that we enhance our current stock of resources just as our forefathers had, so that our future generations enjoy the benefits.

Due to the economic impacts of COVID 19, many have turned to nature in order to survive.

Minister Reddy has also confirmed that the government is looking at relocating close to 50 villages due to the threat of rising sea levels.

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