A total of 35,103 Fijian families are now benefitting from Electricity Subsidy Scheme as at May this year.

Energy Fiji Limited Chief Executive Officer Hasmukh Patel says as of 1st April, government subsidizes 48 percent and EFL subsidizes the remaining 52 percent for the first 100 units of electricity usage per month for all registered domestic subsidy customers.

However, this is subject to the particular account holder’s combined family household annual income being $30,000 or less, and the account holder registers and qualifies for this electricity subsidy.

Customers only have to pay the VAT component and normal domestic tariff rate applies for any additional units consumed over 100 units.

Patel says prior to April 2020, the Government subsidy provided for domestic account holders to save 48 percent on the first 100 units of electricity usage per month.

According to EFL, in March, there were 33,665 Fijian families registered for the Government’s Electricity Subsidy Scheme.

In April 2020, this grew by 4.27 percent with an additional 1,438 new households.

Patel says electricity is an essential part of our lives and even in these trying times, EFL teams will ensure that they provide and maintain a power supply that is financially viable, economically sound and consistent with the required standards of safety, security and quality of power supply.

He also stresses that bills should also be settled on time and in full to avoid any inconvenience.

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