People who are breaching the nationwide curfew and social
restrictions announced by the Hon. Prime Minister need to understand that they
are not only breaking the law, but are risking the lives of others by possibly
spreading the COVID-19 virus and as seen globally spreading death.

This is the reality of the situation that we are in as a
nation, and everyone must understand that this is not an ordinary curfew like
others previously enforced, as one person’s failure to respect and adhere to
the nationwide curfew is now a matter of life and death.

More than 100 people were arrested for breaching the curfew
hours while 24 people were arrested for breaching social gathering

The Western Division recorded fourty nine (49) arrests,
twenty-five (25) South, thirty one (31) East, Central three (3) and two (2) in
the Northern Division bringing the total number of curfew breach arrests to 110.

Twenty four people were arrested for social gatherings
whereby they were found drinking yaqona and holding drinking parties.

Eight people (8) were arrested at Naivuruvuru Village after
they were found drinking yaqona together.

Other arrests made for breaching social gatherings includee
four (4) in Nadi, five (5) in Navua and seven (7) in Valelevu.

We acknowledge the support of the Turaga ni Koro’s and
members of the public who have been providing information.

Special court sittings will be held today throughout the
country where all those arrested will be produced in court.

And to cater for the increasing number of arrests, the
Police  Special Reaponse Unit’s drill shed has now been converted into a
temporary holding cell.

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