More than one hundred drivers were arrested for drunk driving in the western division last month.

Western Divisional Police Commander (DPC/W) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Surend Sami said the number of drunk and drive arrest in December last year has decreased compared to the previous year which was 140.

“This year we intend to reduce the numbers with an additional booze bus allocated to us by the Commissioner of Police. Now we have two Booze bus in the division which will be on our roads to ensure that drivers obey the law,” said SSP Sami.

Last year a total of 976 drivers were arrested for drunk driving compared to 1,038 arrested in 2018.

The Divisional Police Commander said he intends to make the Western Roads safer for all road users with the current equipment’s they now have.

“All Police Stations in the West now have breathalyzer machines so anyone brought in for drunk driving are tested immediately for alcohol level. All stations also have motorcycles patrolling, doing bookings and the two booze bus roaming the division.”

SSP Sami is calling on all drivers to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol especially at this time when the new school year is about to begin.

“Our children will flood the roads next week and we will also have our team looking after the roads. I am calling on all drivers to drive responsibly and not to drink and drive for the sake of our children’s safety,” said SSP Sami.

The Western Police Chief said his traffic team is on full alert and they won’t hesitate to arrest and charge anyone found drunk driving.

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