More Frontliners Named as Bulanaires!

Tourism Fiji is proud to reveal five more Bulanaires who have been named for Phase Two of our Bulanaires program for 2020. A Bulanaire is a person who is rich in happiness and shares that happiness with others around them and these frontliners in our tourism industry are shining examples!

As the countdown to the start of the happiness month in March the signature destination campaign Bulanaires is gaining momentum throughout the tourism industry by celebrating our true heroes and bringing to life what Fiji is renowned for, its bula spirit.

The first Bulanaire, Alesi Viliviliyawa Kunaura is a meet and greet customer service agent at Tour Managers. She’s passionate about sharing more information with visitors about Fiji’s rich culture, history and traditions of her beloved country. She explains, “I want travellers to be inspired to book their holidays to Fiji so they can experience first-hand why Fijians are regarded as the happiest people living on this planet called earth.”

She is also the face of the company says
Reservations Manager, Mr Waisea
Navuruvuru who nominated her for the program. He adds, “The special
attribute about Alesi is her outgoing friendly
personality. She always goes out of her way to ensure that clients are
well taken care of and with her its always service with a smile; that’s

Our next Bulanaire is a charismatic, incredibly skilled senior jet-boat captain from Sigatoka River Safari. His colleagues
call him captain Jack, but we know him as Mr. Joshua Ratukuna from Navuevu Village in Nadroga, Sigatoka.

by management at Sigatoka River Safari who say, “Captain Jack is one of
our senior Jet Boat captains and one of
the best. Scooping Fiji Pride Champion in 2017 along with several
awards, he has shown his capabilities in the Tourism Industry. He has a
great sense of humour, he’s very friendly, and is passionate about the
work that he does showcasing the beauty of our
country to travellers from all over the world.”

asked what advice he would give other tourism industry partners in
Fiji, he said we should treat everyone like they
are your VIP guests regardless of whether they are international
visitors or locals. He explains, “I want to ensure that guests feel
extra special because Fiji has something that the world is looking for
and that’s the Bula Spirit and happiness so why not
share that with them.”

Mr Ashitosh Yadev Datt’s
vibrant and enthusiastic personally and outlook on the tourism industry
in Fiji makes him our next Bulanaire! Ashitosh is a sales
representative for South Sea Cruises Fiji (SSC) who is always eager to
help and has great customer service experience for guests
and partners in the industry.

was nominated by SSC Business Development Manager, Shimal Nikita who
said, “He has a genuine carrying attitude that allows
for assistance in various aspects throughout his day. He prefers to
spend most of his time outside where he is able to connect with guests
who are making bookings, requests and general inquiries.” 

up is Seini Aurore Dorathy Raoma who works as an airport office
supervisor for Pacific Destinations
Fiji! She’s a passionate young lady who hails from Nasilai, Rewa and
deserves to be a Bulanaire! She was nominated by Pacific Destinations
Team Leader, Products, FIT & Groups Reservations, Airport and
Marketing Support Mr. Kolora Gareu Mason.

is AMAZING! It is very rare to meet someone as young as Seini who loves
what she does; day in
and day out. She strives to exceed customer expectation and is a true
ambassador for Pacific Destinations.  Seini is one of the most genuine
and friendliest person one can meet, ” Mason explained.

cheerful Activities Coordinator from Tropica Island Resort, Mr Sawani
Camavia Hoyt, is a true Bulanaire in our eyes! Over 21 years of tourism
industry experience
has given him a good foundation to engage and connect with guest and to
truly give them a bula experience they will never forget.

Mr Hoyt is described as someone who has deep connections to his
culture and traditions and shines with the Bula
Spirit says the resorts Activities & Marie Supervisor, Mr. Jope
Yabakiduanadrau, who also nominated him for the program. He adds, “He is
extremely passionate and has the ability to turn a
rainy day to a fun sunny one for everyone.”

The Bulanaires will work with Tourism Fiji to help share the ‘Bula
with the world and reinforce why Fiji is the place where happiness finds you. To learn more about our Bulanaire program visit

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