Countries around the Pacific continue to scramble to implement measures to safeguard citizens from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Papua New Guinea is to suspend all flights from Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Sydney and Nadi.

Prime Minister James Marape announced these latest measures to prevent COVID-19 reaching PNG.

EMTV reported Mr Marape as saying there will be “controlled entry” for flights from Brisbane, Cairns and Singapore.

He said PNG’s military was on standby to assist if a first case of coronavirus was established.

PNG Defence Force was making available its medical facilities at Taurama barracks, and 10 medical personnel, for use in responding to cases for quarantine and other purposes.

Meanwhile, PNG issued a list of countries from where visitors must fulfill a 14-day pre-entry quarantine requirement.

These included all European Union member states, the UK, China and the US.

Australia, where the majority of mine workers in PNG come from, was not on the list.

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