The Ministry of Health’s stringent protocols in place are a great comfort to the Fijian people.

This was the message by the Acting Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong while announcing Fiji’s new COVID-19 border quarantine case which is a 25-year-old female nursing officer.

“But we must never forget nor take for granted the exceptional sacrifices these measures demand of our healthcare staff.”

Dr Fong said there is nothing easy about living and working away from your family for four weeks at a time.

“There is nothing easy about working to save a life while also mitigating the risk of further infection. And it takes nothing less than absolute bravery to work in our isolation wards. The Fijians who do so are heroes – full stop.”

Dr Fong added that the medical staff of orderlies, ward assistants, laboratory technicians, nurses and doctors have together with the members of our security forces (RFMF, Navy and Police) held the frontline since the COVID-19 battle began.

“We have as a group, weathered criticism, we have endured hardships, we have seen and experienced social and emotional turmoil, but we will never surrender. We will always honour our duty to our people; to keep them healthy and safe – and we will do so with vigilance, with courage and with compassion.”

Dr Fong also noted that several recent cases confirmed at the New Zealand border in Christchurch transited through Fiji while travelling from India to New Zealand.

“We want to assure the public that these individuals did not contract or transmit the virus while in Fiji.

These individuals landed in Fiji, spent 30 minutes in Nadi Airport, interacted with no one, and then transited onwards to New Zealand.”

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